"Discover How to Use YouTube to Get MORE Traffic and Sales to MAKE MONEY ONLINE!"

You will receive the essential golden nuggets in this short and to the point video course (approximately 45 minutes).

If you want to use YouTube to get more traffic and sales online, then get "Video Marketing 101" BASIC VIDEO COURSE by BJ Min.

BJ Min is a bestselling author of "How to Make Money with Ebooks" and has created THOUSANDS of youtube videos in his internet marketing career (in various niches) to generate a six figure income online for multiple years in a row.

You will discover the 21 ESSENTIAL LESSONS to do video marketing the right way to get MORE traffic and sales online!

Here's what you will learn inside this VIDEO TRAINING:
- How to Rank Your YouTube Video on the Search Results
- Video to List to Offer Strategy to Make Money from YouTube!
- How to Do YouTube Videos Naturally Without Having a Script!
- Discover What to Talk About in Your Videos!
- How to Beat Your Competition on YouTube for the Long Run!
- What Camera to Use!
- The Best Type of Videos that Convert into Sales!
- 80% to 20% Value to Pitch Ratio That Converts Your Visitors into Customers!
- What Video Platforms to Get Traffic for the Long Run!
- How to Target a Keyword the Right Way for a Video
- Where to Put Your Main Keyword for Best SEO Optimization
- The 2-Second Tip that Can Help Boost Your Video in the Search Engines
- How to Transform Yourself to Be Powerful in Videos After 90 Days!
- And Much More!

If you want to use video marketing to get more traffic and sales online, then get "VIDEO MARKETING 101" BASIC ONLINE VIDEO COURSE now!

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