Trust Your Instincts

by BJ on June 19, 2017

It's been awhile since I wrote on this blog and because I feel the need and desire to share some lessons about the online business journey, I'm going to share with you one lesson for today…

Trust your instincts – when making business decisions, it's NOT always logical…it's NOT about following all the rules step by step…instead, sometimes you can skip a step…you can break the rules…you can create the rules…don't be limited by other people's limits…create your own unlimits…if that makes any sense…

I feel these days too many people just look at their phones to verify if this is right or wrong or if this is the way to do it or not to the point of NOT taking time to listen to their own gut…their own heart…their own instincts…their own INSIDE…

You know yourself more than any phone out there.


When you make decisions in your business (whether think about a business idea or hire someone or plan on what to work on or not), trusting your instincts is as important if not MORE than just fact checking.

I have only one lesson for the day…but it IS important!


Talk soon!


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