“How To Build Your Dream Information Marketing Business Where You Can Turn Your Passion/Knowledge/Expertise into Profit Online!”

“At Last, You Can Build Your Dream Information Product Business Where You Can Turn Your Passion/Knowledge/Expertise into Profit Online, Experience Freedom & Fulfillment, and Impact Your Sphere of Influence in a Positive Way!”

Dear Friend,

  • Do you want to turn your knowledge/passion/expertise that you LOVE into profit online?
  • Do you have some kind of expertise that other people ask you about all the time?
  • Do you have some kind of interest or hobby that you can see yourself making money from?

If you said YES, then this letter may be the most important letter you read this year.

That’s because you’re going to have the opportunity to turn your PASSION into PROFIT online through information products!

You’re going to learn the SIMPLE and PROFITABLE ways to turn any topic that you know into a profitable online business.

So who am I to tell you about this?

Well, my name is BJ Min. I am the bestselling author of the book “How to Make Money with Ebooks”. My story is that I went from being a once broke convenience store clerk to eventually earning a six figure income online all from the internet.

And I’ve made all my income from the INFORMATION MARKETING business which is selling information products such as eBooks, online courses, membership sites, and more.

I have personally made money from ALL types of information marketing products such as below.

  • eBooks
  • online courses
  • membership sites
  • affiliate marketing
  • network marketing
  • physical books
  • and much more.

After publishing hundreds of information products in all kinds of niches as an information marketer, I want to help others create and sell their OWN information products on the internet as well because this is actually a FUN, FREEDOM, and FULFILLING business.

Robert Kiyosaki (the bestselling author of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" said that rich people focus on ASSETS instead of income.

When you become an information marketer, you are focused on creating your OWN ASSET that will generate you income month after month so it can create passive income for you on autopilot.

Now, this is no get rich quick method because I personally don't believe in that success in any field requires hard work, effort, creativity, and persistence.

Here's Proof of My Accomplishments as an Information Marketer

I'm the author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks"and several other books online related to internet marketing.

My book "How to Make Money with Ebooks" ranked #1 on Amazon.com's Business category!

I've taught internet marketing lessons in front of thousands of people at the same stage where multiple internet millionaires spoke.

I've been a TOP client for Clickbank (one of the top marketplaces for digital products) as an information marketer.

After being a fulltime internet marketer for 8+ years, I want to focus on teaching other internet marketers to accomplish success online by creating and selling their own information products.

That is why I decided to open up my new membership program called "Dreampreneur Circle" where the focus will be on helping you create your OWN dream information product business where you turn your passion/knowledge/expertise into profit online so you can experience FREEDOM & FULFILLMENT for the long run.

What’s UNIQUE about Dreampreneur Circle?

  • You will learn the importance of finding the RIGHT NICHE that is based on what you’re best at.
  • You will uncover the golden nuggets that you already have that you are possibly overlooking to turn your knowledge (that you may have taken for granted) and turn it into a profitable digital information product business.
  • You will discover how to turn your DREAMS into an information product business so you can experience FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT because the TRUE SUCCESS is to experience both.
  • Instead of just chasing the dollar, you will discover how to build an information marketing business where you can experience TRUE fulfillment from the inside AND create freedom by building your own information product empire one step at a time.
  • No overnight get rich quick methods are taught in this course because all my training will be from real life experience where I teach you SIMPLE ways to REALISTICALLY turn your knowledge/expertise/passion into profit online one step at a time which is the ONLY way to really build a realistic income for the everyday person.

So here’s what you’re going to learn in my “Dreampreneur Circle”...

  • Each month (twice a month), you will be taught by myself in Dreampreneur Circle's LIVE training (through LIVE hangouts) where you will learn specifics on how to discover your ultimate dream niche and turn it into a profitable online business.
  • You will be invited to my TWICE A MONTH LIVE ONLINE TRAINING where I will go over specific strategies & tactics to help you create your own dream information product empire.
  • If you miss the training, don't worry because each of the trainings will be recorded to help you discover and implement the lessons to start building your own dream information marketing business online.
  • Each and every month, you will discover ONE BIG LESSON that can turn your knowledge/passion/expertise into profit online.
  • You will get access to this training inside my DREAMPRENEUR CIRCLE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where other dreampreneurs like yourself are going out and pursuing their dreams of turning their passion/knowledge/expertise into profit online.
  • Each month, you can ask BJ any questions related to information marketing and he will answer your top questions in his “ASK BJ” videos at the end of the month.
  • You will get your own internet marketing mentor who has real life experience DOING information marketing (from being a bestselling author to earning over a six figure income online to publishing hundreds of information products on the internet).
  • Plus, you are getting someone who is going to consistently lead you in the right direction to ultimately GO INTO THE RIGHT NICHE to start off right which is very important instead of just settling for any niche and later finding out you do not get enjoyment from going into that niche.
  • This is about helping you ACCOMPLISH your DREAMS as an information marketer.
  • This is about helping you become accountable to yourself to finally jump over the hump and TAKE ACTION and MOVE FORWARD in your ONLINE DREAMS.
  • This is about helping you CREATE YOUR OWN ECONOMY by creating assets that produce income for you instead of running around selling other people's products for the rest of your life and not experiencing the freedom and fulfillment that product owners experience.
  • This is about finally building information products that you TRULY wanted to create from your heart that you have been delaying (even though it's in your mind and heart for so long) because you were always focused on just chasing the dollars (and thus it cause unfulfillment and thus a lack of true freedom).
  • This is about you FINALLY building the DREAM information marketing business that you TRULY wanted to create and this is going to be place where you no longer feel you are alone but you are around like minded people who VALUE going for one’s own dreams and you will do it as well!
  • This is a place where you will no longer just talk about living your dreams but start LIVING YOUR DREAMS PERIOD!

So what is the VALUE of you FINALLY going for your dreams all the way?

  • What is the value of finally publishing a book that you truly wanted to?
  • What is the value of finally building your own DREAM information product business that really is aligned to your OWN vision/dreams/calling where you really are making a POSITIVE impact to the people that you want to?
  • The value of building your DREAM business online is truly priceless.

This is a place where you will no longer just talk about living your dreams and instead you will start DOING IT!

It’s a place where you will be stretched and challenged to move beyond your typical comfort zone and actually get your dream out there on the internet.

So if you TRULY want to FINALLY build your DREAM information marketing business, then click the link below and join my Dreampreneur Tribe today!

I’m very confident that I will offer you 10 times more value than you will invest, that if you are not satisfied, then just let me know and I will give you back your money and we can part as friends.

And you can stay as short as you want or as long as you want meaning you can cancel future billing anytime with one email request. That's it.

My goal is to ultimately guide you in the right direction and be CONSISTENT in taking action in the direction of your dreams.

Heck, doing this online thing can be a little scary but when you are part of a group of like minded people, then it becomes easier to actually DO IT.

And my goal is to help you DO IT!

Because although I may not be the best writer or the best speaker or the best technical person, I am all about DOING IT.

And I want to instill that belief, mindset, and ultimately help you achieve the results that you will be proud of and bring you fulfillment in this information marketing world.

So if you are FINALLY ready to embark on a journey to build your DREAM information product business, then click the link below and join DREAMPRENEUR CIRCLE now!

BJ Min's "Dreampreneur Circle"

Discover & Build Your Dream Information Marketing Business Online!

  • Dreampreneur LIVE Monthly Training

    Each and every month, BJ Min will provide you BIWEEKLY LIVE TRAINING (2 live trainings a month) through private webinars/hangouts to help you discover and build your own dream information product empire!

  • BJ Answers Your Questions!

    At the end each month, BJ will answer member’s top questions through his top videos so that members can learn from each other’s situations and keep moving forward to build their own DREAM digital information marketing business on the internet!

  • Private Facebook Group

    You will get access to BJ’s private facebook group where you will be around like minded dreampreneurs which will keep you accountable and motivated to ultimately BUILD and SUCCEED in your own dreamformation marketing business.

Dreampreneur Circle = $47 a month until cancelled

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(After 24 hours of payment, you will be invited to BJ's secret facebook group where you get access to his upcoming MONTHLY LIVE TRAININGS (twice a month) & private videos that answer student's TOP questions!)

Live your dreams!

BJ Min

P.S. If all this did was give you the kick in the butt to FINALLY start building your DREAM information marketing business (instead of settling for some business that you don’t want to build), then would this be worth it? Click here to build your dream information marketing business now!

P.P.S. Remember you have my 100% money back guarantee. That means for whatever reason, you don’t feel you got 10 times worth the value that you got from my live trainings and/or videos, then just let me know and I’ll give you your money back and we can part as friends. Click here to start building your dream information product business online!


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