lessons from systematizing my business online

by BJ on October 3, 2014

Here are my lessons from systematizing my business online.

– it's much easier to run a business this way.

– why work hard in your business when you can relax and allow a system and a team to run your system?

– i believe the BIGGEST IMPACT activity for a business owner is FOCUS on finding the right PEOPLE & creating SYSTEMS for your business so that people can run your business for you.

Ever since I had this slow epiphany, I started to wonder how my businesses would run solely on systems and other people. So I decided to systematize all parts of my businesses (at least for now, almost all of the business is automated now so it runs on its own except for any new projects/clients i'm exploring).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask questions here. I'll add more updates in the future.

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