How To Motivate Yourself – How To Get Motivated

by BJ on May 25, 2013

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If you want to have more drive and motivation to do whatever it takes to succeed in life and business, then watch this video on how to get motivated:

This exercise is something I have heard from two millionaire internet marketers (Vick Strizheus & Frank Kern). It is to write your IDEAL DAY and read it every day. I have started to do this and it has already made a BIG impact in my life.  I am MORE focused, driven, motivated, and confident about myself than before.  My belief in myself and my belief that I will achieve my big dreams in life has sky rocketed because of this daily exercise.  I encourage you to do this every day as well.

The way I like to do is to read my goals AND my ideal day every single day.

You can be creative with this. You can read it out loud in front of a mirror. You can even record yourself reading this and listen to it in the car and while using your ipod in the gym. This is a POWERFUL way to SKY ROCKET your mindset because 80% of success is MINDSET and 20% is mechanics (as Tony Robbins and many successful people would say).

Do this every day and see how it impacts your mind, confidence, and sense of belief in yourself from within. Do this and take action daily.

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