How I got 1,200+ Amazon Kindle Ebook Downloads in One Day!

by BJ on November 4, 2012


Here's how to get 1,000+ Amazon Kindle Ebook Downloads in ONE day.

This is a strategy that I used to get over 1,200+ eBook downloads in one day.

> Choose topics with over 10,000 google searches using google keyword search tool.
> Go look at's Kindle Best Seller list in your niche and find patterns of the best topics that sell well over and over again.

> Choose a “HOW TO” title because “How To” titles have been proven to sell better than many other titles.
> Choose a title that ALSO has high searches in google keyword search tool.

> The BEST marketing tip for your eBook is to have a “good book”.  That is because in the LONG RUN, your book will sell itself IF your book has great content.
> No matter how great your marketing is, it will NOT sell in the LONG RUN if the content is poor because the negative reviews will catch up with you.
> A GREAT book with EXCELLENT content will naturally create REAL positive reviews and thus help your eBook to sell itself on its own.

4) Distribute to Kindle Exclusively for 90 Days…then Distribute it to MULTIPLE PLATFORMS
> First, promote your eBook on Amazon's Kindle using the Amazon KDP exclusive program.
> This is where you schedule at least 2 days to promote your Kindle eBook for FREE using their FREE PROMO tool.  This ALONE can help your eBook get HIGH RANKINGS in the FREE Kindle eBooks section!
> After the 90 days are over and you get best seller status in your niche, then I suggest you to distribute to MULTIPLE PLATFORMS such as:
– BarnesandNoble's Nook Store
– Apple's iBookstore
– Smashwords (GREAT for submitting your eBook to ALL the major eBookstores!)
– etc.

5) Push Your Ebook By Using different MARKETING tactics
> Pre-Launch = You want to get at least 10+ reviews from readers BEFORE you launch your eBook in KDP exclusive free promotion because without 10 reviews, your eBook will not get as much downloads.  Also you may want to use backlinks to link to your eBook link on (which is more powerful than backlinking to your own lesser known individual site).
> During Launch = Press Releases, Email Your List, Email JV's to Email Your Ebook, Pay For Forum Ads, Youtube Videos, Post on Free Ebook Giveaway Sites (Like PixelofInk & EreaderNewsToday)
> Post-Launch = Change your pricing to $0.99 to $5.99 to see how it stays in the Amazon Kindle Best Seller list.  Change price to make it stay high in the top rankings.

> The more eBooks you create, the more money you make.
> Also INSIDE your eBook you want to link to your optin page to build a list and then eventually sell your BACKEND product or services (you can also promote affiliate products that can provide VALUE to your list).

> As you learn this more and more, you will realize that you can do TEN TIMES better by outsourcing and building your own team.
> Hire and train an excellent assistant.
> Then train your excellent assistant to hire and train OTHER assistants. (This is KEY to building your business to the NEXT level).

Hope that is helpful.

This is a strategy that anyone can use to have a successful eBook/s as part of their arsenal for their internet business as your eBook can be another LEAD GENERATOR for your overall business.

These are the CORE LESSONS I've learned after publishing over 250+ eBooks on Kindle, Nook, and iBookstore with my own two eBook publishing companies.  Also using these tips, my eBook did reach #1 Best Seller rank on Amazon Kindle Store.

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PS…Share this article with others.  Also, I'd love to hear what kind of eBook tips others can share here!

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