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Dear Internet Marketer,

Are you looking for a SOLUTION to your problem of not making any money online?

Well, TODAY is your LUCKY DAY because now you can have the limited time OPPORTUNITY to ask UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF QUESTIONS to a MILLION DOLLAR EARNER via his PRIVATE EMAIL to get STRAIGHT 1-on-1 email coaching to ultimately help you FINALLY make money online!

If you are FINALLY looking to GET RESULTS with your online business, then it's TIME for you to get a REAL MENTOR who you can actually SPEAK TO and GET GUIDANCE to make money online.

If you're struggling to make any money online, I know how you feel because I used to be in that SAME situation several years ago.

In fact, I used to be a broke convenience store clerk who was STRUGGLING to make any money online. In fact, I even gave up on this internet marketing dream (at one point) because I didn't think this was possible at one point.

...but after testing out many different things, I was FINALLY able to DISCOVER what REALLY worked to make money online!

My name is BJ Min and over the years, I went from being a once broke store clerk to eventually earning a SIX FIGURE income from the internet for multiple years in a row, earning over a MILLION DOLLARS in sales in my career, and even becoming a bestselling author for one of my books "How to Make Money with Ebooks" on Amazon's Business category.

After making a fulltime income ever since 2008 and making a good living from it, now I want to FOR THE FIRST TIME open up my COACHING service for EXCLUSIVE students who are SERIOUS and want to learn my strategies to make money on the internet.

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE what I do and I will teach EVERYTHING I know to you but it is YOUR JOB to do the work to ultimately get results online.

Also, I am not one of those "get rich quick" type of guys because I know making money online will be a process so if you're one of those guys who wants to be a millionaire overnight, then this is NOT for you.

This is for SERIOUS folks who are WILLING to listen, DO the work, and be consistent to ultimately get results online with a PROVEN & TESTED model that I have used to make a fulltime income online for many years.

So if you're SERIOUS about taking your business to the NEXT LEVEL and have a MILLION DOLLAR earner guide you in your journey one step at a time, then choose one of the options below to get started with BJ Min's EXCLUSIVE 1-on-1 Coaching Program.


  • You get to call me ONE TIME for 30 minutes to ask your internet marketing questions to start, build, and grow your online business online!
  • You get to ask me UNLIMITED EMAILS to me every month related to your online business!

What's UNIQUE About This Coaching Program?

  • This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from someone who has REAL LIFE experience earning over a MILLION DOLLARS ins sales online DOING internet marketing as opposed to just coaching others.
  • This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from a REAL internet marketer who has had VARIOUS types of online businesses in the information marketing world to give you UNIQUE insights to ultimately get you the BEST RESULTS online that is BEST custom suited for YOU!
  • This coaching is UNIQUE because you will actually have a REAL internet million dollar earner and fulltime entrepreneur to COACH YOU (as opposed to some recent college graduate who is working as a "coach" when in reality, they are employees working for a company).
  • This coaching is UNIQUE because it is actually quite affordable coaching compared to shelling out TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to many coaching programs that are coached by "employees" of the big gurus and NOT entrepreneurs.

BJ Min's Credentials

  • Bestselling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks" that ranked #1 on Amazon's Business category. Click here for proof.
  • Earned over a million dollars in sales in his internet marketing career.
  • Has published over hundreds of eBooks on Amazon's Kindle, BarnesandNoble's Nook, Apple's iBookstore, and more! Click here for proof.
  • Been a TOP producer for multiple direct selling companies.
  • Earned a SIX FIGURE income in his FIRST year of joining MLM in a serious way from 2013 to 2014.
  • Has done over 1000+ youtube videos in the internet marketing niche with his multiple video channels in the past put together (He may be the VERY first person in the world to do over 1000+ videos on youtube in the internet marketing niche).
  • Most importantly, BJ Min has had LONGEVITY in the internet marketing world making a FULLTIME income ever since 2008 (that is 8+ years and counting!). In an industry where things are changing, he has been in business for many years and now is here to help the newbies to get STRONGER and BETTER in their business for their future and BEYOND!
  • And much more!

Who Should and Shouldn't Join!

  • You should join this mentorship program if you are SERIOUS about taking action consistently, persistently, and persever in your journey online.
  • You should join this mentorship program if you also want to make money from information marketing (selling information products, digital products, eBooks, affiliate marketing, business opportunity, etc).
  • You should join this mentorship program if you are WILLING to do whatever it takes to make money online (even do things that you are a little scared of to make money online).
  • You should join this mentorship program if you are SICK AND TIRED of the information overload that is out there and want a PROVEN & TESTED method to slowly but surely help you get RESULTS in ANY niche online!
  • You should join this mentorship program if you have problems with focusing on one method and want a SOLID way to realistically make money online while being guided by a proven & successful mentor in this industry to help you succeed as well.
  • You SHOULD NOT join this mentorship program if you are looking to make millions overnight as BJ Min does NOT teach nor does he believe there is any overnight success method after 8+ years of making a FULL TIME income online. His method is a slow but sure way to REALISTICALLY make money online and continue to grow it over time through CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT, and PERSEVERING action.
  • So if you are SERIOUS about this and feel you fit this criteria, then read more below and JOIN BJ Min's EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED Mentorship Program!

What's Unique About BJ Min's Mentorship Program?

Discover the UNIQUE Benefits of Joining BJ Min's EXCLUSIVE & PERSONAL 1-on-1 Mentorship Program!

  • Coached by a REAL LIFE Internet Marketer

    This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from someone who has REAL LIFE experience earning over a MILLION DOLLARS ins sales online DOING internet marketing as opposed to just coaching others. This is NOT outsourced to some recent college graduate working for some guru. Instead, BJ himself will coach you 1-on-1 in this REAL & PERSONAL way to help you get results online!

  • Mentored by an Internet Marketer with VARIOUS Different Internet Marketing Business Experiences

    This coaching program is UNIQUE because you are going to learn from a REAL internet marketer who has had VARIOUS types of online businesses in the information marketing world to give you UNIQUE insights to ultimately get you the BEST RESULTS online that is BEST custom suited for YOU!

  • Personal Touch!

    A lot of coaching programs are coached by “employees” rather than entrepreneurs and the BIG GURUS don't have the time to give you a personal touch. But with this EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED coaching program, BJ will do that FOR his students! This mentorship program is UNIQUE because it is going to be custom suited for you in a very personal and real way. BJ likes to keep it real and he will take the time to understand your situation, your budget, and give you his BEST advice for your personal situation to get results online.

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Here's What You Get From BJ's Mentorship Program!

  • ONE 30 minute phone session with BJ Min - Every month, you can call me ONE TIME to ask me questions to guide you about internet marketing. Get your questions ready, get your notes ready, and get ready to take action!
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Email Mentorship by BJ Min - Get UNLIMITED email mentorship from BJ Min where he will answer EVERY single question to you through his PRIVATE email address just for his mentees!
  • If you have questions to MOVE FORWARD in your business online, then contact BJ with his SECRET & PRIVATE email address (just for his email coaching studnets) and he will personally answer your question within 24-48 hours.


  • I will take limited spots so this offer MAY CLOSE in future (or price go way up for NEW members...old members will be grandfathered).
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