Big Idea Mastermind Team – Go Crazy For The Next 60 Days!

by BJ on August 20, 2013

Hey, guys!

It's BJ, just after the Denver event where I experienced amazing personal transformation and learned some exciting news that I am about to share with you now. The one thing you have to know is that you need to go crazy for the next 60 days. I mean crazy in working on your mindset, crazy in working on your marketing and much more! Multiply your efforts because what's coming is really big.

Empower Network announced that they will release a new blog in less than 60 days already so you have to be ready for that. It will be amazing, made from marketers for marketers with the only purpose to sell. This is why

The Next 60 Days Are Crucial

If you are doing 1 video a day, you have to start doing 3, if you are sending 3 e-mails per day you need to make them 10, work harder, from your heart because you need to be ready for success. Bottom line, get all in in the next 60 days!

The other thing you need to know is that soon there will be 4 simultaneous events all over the country, so wherever you are, you have to go to one of them. So I don't want to hear any more complaining and excuses, there will be an event near you, get your bag and GO!

Bottom line, I don't want any mediocrity in my team any more. I am successful and you can be, too, if you just do what I am telling you. Go to the event, go crazy with marketing for the next 60 days and you will see RESULTS.

I am gonna do this, and if you are in my team, I want to encourage you to do it with me. I will be successful with or without you, but the only way for you to be successful is to own your life and your actions. I am giving you the guidance, but you are the one who has to take action.

Do whatever it takes for the next 60 days to sky rocket your success together with this business.

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Talk soon


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