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by BJ on February 15, 2010


If you want to know how to write and submit articles to article directories, then check out my latest video.

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It shows you my step-by-step guide on how to write articles the RIGHT WAY so your articles can rank higher in the search engines.

…In short, this is my way of writing and submitting articles.

Step 1: Find a Targeted Niche

First, you want to find a niche that has lots of demand and low competition.  You can go to the article directories and look at the categories that you are interested in.

Step 2: Find a Long Tail Keyword

After that, you want to find a long tail keyword related to your niche.  A long tail keyword is a keyword that is from 3 to 5 words.  Make sure to use a keyword search tool.

Step 3: Insert Long Tail Keyword in Multiple Areas of Your Article

You want to place that specific long tail keyword in several areas of your article.  The main places to put your long tail keyword are the article title, first sentence, body, and resource box (as an anchor text linking to your website).

Step 4: Submit Your Article

Finally, you want to submit your article to an article directory such as EzineArticles because it is one of the most popular article directories on the internet.

…So next time you write articles, make sure to submit it by following the 4 steps above.

If you want more detailed tips on how to use article marketing to dominate your niche, then get my “Article Dictator” course now.

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Talk to you soon…

– BJ

PS…If you have any questions, email me your questions at so I can create NEW VIDEOS to help you more in the future.  I'm serious!  So email me your questions and I will answer it through my future videos.

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