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by BJ on June 22, 2009

Here are 7 Blog Marketing Tips…

1. Blog every week

a. Ideally, you want to blog every day
or every other day. If you are
busy, make sure to write at least one
blog post a day.

b. Make the blog posts short and right to
the point.

i. Writing 200 to 300 words is enough for
a blog post.

ii. Unlike article writing, you want to
write your blog posts very short so
that your readers can continually come
back to your blog and read your daily

2. Write like you are talking in real

a. I heard from a blog reader that he
loves to read blogs because people
are writing like they are talking.

3. Be opinionated.

a. In your blog, you want to be
opinionated and have some attitude
that makes you interesting and fun
to read.

b. Instead of writing in an official and
boring way, write like you are
talking to a friend and giving some funny
comments and opinions about

c. Don't always be positive but show some
critical side as well. You want to appear
like yourself and be REAL in your blogs.

4. Post about your personal life & off-topic
blog posts.

a. Don't just post about your niche but
also post about things that
happen in your own life.

b. Don't be too detailed but give some
short personal comments.

c. You can have some off-topic comments
as well. It will make you and
your blog appear more real and fun to

5. Have AdSense codes in your blogs.

a. AdSense is one of the best ways to
make money with your blogs.

b. Get an AdSense account and use the
AdSense plugin so the AdSense
ad will show up in the right places (top,
side, between blog posts).

c. There are many WordPress plugins that
will automatically do this for
you once you just put your AdSense code
in the plugin.

6. Have social bookmarking plugins.

a. Social bookmarking is great because
once someone likes your blog post, they
can social bookmark and cause your blog
post to be seen by hundreds or even
thousands of other people.

b. You want to get a social bookmarking
plugin that allows people the option to
social bookmark any of your blog posts.
The option should show just under your
blog post.

7. Put your affiliate links in a
“Recommended Resources” category.

a. You want to create a category called
“Recommended Resources” and
put links to your products and other
affiliate programs related to your

b. If you put good content, you can have
lots of people click on the
“recommended resources” links and purchase
from you and your affiliate links so you can
make more money.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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