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by BJ on June 11, 2009

A lot of people suggest that YouTube is a great
place to post your marketing videos. If you are
having any doubts about this, let's look at the
benefits of using YouTube.

Benefit #1 – It doesn't cost you anything

YouTube videos are shown free. There is no
pay-per-lead or pay-per-click. This means that
you don't have to allow worry about any money
coming out of your budget if you decide to
advertise using YouTube.

Benefit #2 – You get to advertise worldwide.

If you market your product using YouTube, your
product can be viewed all over the world.

Benefit #3 – Videos have a viral effect

Upload a good video and watch what happens.
Videos that offer a great and positive response
from viewers are usually shared with family and
friends. The popularity of your videos increase
with a very small amount of work on your part.

Benefit #4 – Increase visitors to your web site

As the view of your videos increase, more and
more people will see your website URL. The more
your url is viewed, the more people will visit
your website. Watch your rankings in the search
engine rise.

These are some benefits that you will be a part
of when you start marketing with YouTube.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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