Your Weakness Is Your Strengths

by BJ on April 9, 2015

This is a free 2 part video training because I actually did TWO videos to fully explain the points I want to cover in this free 2-Part Video Series for you SO make sure to watch BOTH parts to FULLY UNDERSTAND and GET the message so you can go out there and use your weakness as your STRENGTHS to succeed in your journey online!

Watch This First All the Way (Part 1 of 2)

Watch This Second All the Way (Part 2 of 2)

I want to share with you several BIG LESSONS I learned this week from doing a little promo this week.

Long story short in a recent product launch, I was ranked #8 out of the TOP affiliates in this product launch.

In addition, I discovered I had the #1 EPC (earnings per click) meaning I had #1 HIGHEST SALES CONVERSIONS out of all the top affiliates!

By the way…shout out to all the top affiliates…i'm not taking anything away from them because they are great at what they do…my lesson is be YOURSELF all the way…that's how you'll excel in your journey when you do that.

…That got me to learn a BIG LESSON.

Sometimes, we underestimate ourselves. Even myself included. I look at these “other” people as the big dogs but I forget that I got SKILLS TOO!

In fact, I realized I am actually very good at CONVERTING leads into SALES which is a VERY important skillset to have when you want to make money online.

To be the #1 guy in terms of the HIGHEST conversions made me realize ANOTHER BIG LESSON which is sometimes your WEAKNESS can be your STRENGTHS.

Let me explain.

You see…I'm not the BIGGEST guru in this internet marketing industry…I don't have the biggest list like the BIG top dogs do in this industry…

But check this out…

Sometimes you can FLIP your WEAKNESS into your STRENGTHS.

Even if you don't have a big list, you can FLIP IT AROUND and use your “weakness” (being the smaller guy) into your STRENGTHS!

Being “small” can actually be “BIG”…

here's why…

because as I'm smaller…I can be more PERSONAL…i can be like the boutique store…give that PERSONAL TOUCH that most big time gurus can't as much…

Does that make sense?

And because of that personal touch, you can have EXTREMELY HIGH CONVERSIONS compared to even the top dogs in this industry.

So realize that lesson.

Also…remember that whatever you think is your weakness can actually be your strengths!

I see a lot of successful people who don't think they're good enough…but that's just your own mind playing tricks on you.

It's weird how what we perceive to be our weakness can be our GREATEST STRENGTHS.

And the only reason for that type of limiting belief is because you're mind is playing tricks on you.

That's why you've GOT to WORK on your MINDSET every single day…especially in the BEGINNING of the day…to BELIEVE in yourself and GO TAKE ACTION all the way.

Work on your mindset AND take action using your strengths ALL THE WAY.

And like I say…

Be consistent, persistent, and persevere!

Talk soon,

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