Your Obstacles are Opportunities to Grow

by BJ on August 8, 2013

Hey, guys!

I m so happy that yo are here, welcome to my video. I know that what you will hear in this video I have said before, but I can't emphasize enough how important it is to see obstacles as opportunities for growth.

If you have seen my previous two videos you probably know what happened. In short, I have kinda lost my iPod cord and I have my 3 videos for today on my iPod, so I couldn't upload them. And, guess what, I decided to record another 3 videos with my Logitech webcam and upload those instead.

Use Your Obstacles As Ladder To Success

My point here is that every time you encounter a problem or an obstacle and take the time and creativity to solve it and overcome it, you grow yourself, you evolve, you teach your brain to create solutions. This, this, guys, is priceless. I am almost happy when I have an obstacle nowadays! This means that I have another opportunity to unleash my creativity and grow myself.

It is all in the mindset. You gotta change your attitude to problems – if you never have problems, how are you going to develop yourself and grow? If it is always easy how are going to evolve?

When you win the small battles, you are learning how to win the big battles. Sometimes obstacles are small, sometimes big. Start with the small ones, they will be easier to battle. But then, one day, you will have learned so well how to overcome obstacles, you will jump over the big ones as well. Solving problems is the way to grow yourself.

Whenever you have an obstacle is an opportunity for you to grow. Grab the opportunity and gain new confidence to fight the bigger battle! Want help? Click below and let me be your mentor starting today.

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