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by BJ on June 6, 2009


The FIRST thing you MUST do
before you make ANY money online
is to find out WHY you want to make
money online.

…Everyone wants to know HOW TO
do this..

How to make money…
How to get thin…
How to be good looking…
How to be confident…


You first need to know WHY!!!

Why to make money…
Why do you want to get in shape?
Why do you want to be good looking?
Why do you want to be confident?

…Once you dig deep & find your
core reason, you will find the
the “inner why”).

This “inner why” will be the engine
that will fuel you to move forward
in your business.

…Without this, you are dead!

Why do you think I was able to
succeed and make some real money online
as opposed to 99% who start this and
fail and give up?

…It's because I had a DEEP REASON
why I wanted to do this.

I wanted to get the hell out of the
convenience store!!!

Seriously!  I hated that job so much that
it drove me to work 100 TIMES HARDER
just to be free from that job!

…Just like that, you have to find
out your inner why.

So stop asking yourself what new tactic
and what strategy to use.  That is important
but the FIRST STEP should be
WHY do you want to do this?

Do that today!!

After that, I will talk to you later!

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Talk to you soon…

BJ Min

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