You Run Your Thoughts

by BJ on October 15, 2013

Hey, guys and gals!

This is BJ here with your daily tip for success and a fulfilled life. I actually want to share something which has nothing and everything to do with Internet marketing and success.

You Run Your Thoughts

I was just struck by it as from a lightening, but it is so true and simple. Let's be honest – we are all human and we have emotions which control part of our life and much of our thoughts. To have a positive mindset doesn't mean that you never think anything disempowering and negative. It happens but when it does, you have to realize that you run your thoughts not the other way around.

You need to realize that you can allow or not your thoughts to stay in your mind, you can just tell them to get out. It is your mind, so your thoughts in their.

Thank You For Sharing

This is something you can use as a mantra when you have a disempowering though – just say it to yourself every time something bad is trying to find its place in your mind.

Watch me talk about choosing empowering thoughts:

Once in a while however we will have the occasional negative thought. Then the easiest proven way to get rid of it, is to read something inspirational. This actually can be a book, or your own affirmations, if you have them. Or you can even watch a video, it will definitely change your mindset. So sometimes, we can't seem to believe our own positive thoughts, then we can read someone else's – it works too!

Bottom line of my message is that you are in control of your life and your mind!

You choose what to think.

You choose your emotions – don't allow them to control you.

Be strong, be confident, believe in yourself and believe in success!

Talk to you soon,



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