You Become the Books You Read and the People You Hang Out With

by BJ on November 2, 2013

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You Become The books You Read and The People You Hang Out With

This is a truth as old as people are. Why does it work that way? We, humans, are social creatures. We like to fit in. When we are set in a new environment our deep-rooted survivor skills tell us to copy the behavior of the people around. This is a safety mechanism which helps us integrate and have a better and easier life.

It is proven that if you consistently hang out with people for 3-5 years you become like them.

In 3 years you will be like the people who are around you now.

Are you okay with this? Think good. Is it satisfying for you to be like your peers, or do you want to achieve more?

Bottom line – if you want to be successful in the future, be around successful people today. If you want to develop yourself in the future, read personal development books today.

It is sometimes hard to find millionaires and success in the community that you live in. BUT it is easy to find a book or a video that will set you in the right mood.

You have one more opportunity, even more effective and influential. You can join a mastermind. Every successful person knows that being part of a mastermind can sky rocket your self-confidence and pave the path to your true success.

I am myself part of a success mastermind. It is like a success support group – inspiring, motivating, elevating you.

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