You are the Reason for Your Success or Failure

by BJ on April 15, 2014

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Before you start your journey to success you must realize and
accept that

You are the Reason for Your Success or Failure

You need to be aware of the fact that no matter what other people
have achieved with a certain business it is UP TO YOU to get results.

In my team, for example, there are some people who blame their sponsor
for not achieving results and not making sales. But, in the end, I and many more
are successful with it, meaning that the mistake is in the person, not in the

In my experience, the people who look for the reasons for their success
or failure outside of themselves, end up to be unsuccessful. You need to
realize that you are bigger and stronger than any circumstances.

The secret to growing and being successful is to

Be Independent

You don't need your sponsor to be successful. You don't need anything
out of yourself to make BIG money online.

You have to take personal responsibility for your business because
it is YOUR business. Don't be a victim of the circumstances – be their creator.

Once you get comfortable with this thought you will start taking action
and doing what is needed to achieve results. You will start feeling
empowered and inspired when you believe that YOU, and nothing or nobody
else is in control of your life and business.

As you take ownership of your business, you become the BOSS. You are
not just another Internet marketer trying to make money online, you are
the decision maker and captain of the ship.

If you can own your business, you are successful already.

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