Work On Your Business Instead of Working In Your Business

by BJ on September 8, 2013

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Work On Your Business Instead of Working In Your Business

As an entrepreneur, I can understand that you want to do everything in your business, but this is not how businesses are managed. If you don't learn how to let go and delegate when your business is small and losses can be small, how are you going to do it when it's big and the losses can be tremendous?

I am not telling you to just sit back and do nothing – you will work on your business, on the strategic level. Let me give you a quick example – you find the traffic sources, let's say banner ads, your assistant posts the ads themselves. In this way you focus on the big picture for your business, and not on the small details.

Focus On The 20% Making 80% Of The Income

There are ways for you to outsource the tasks you don't like to other people. Once you find the system that works for your business, go to oDesk and find yourself a personal assistant to do that task.

You should focus only on the 20% things that make 80% of your income and just outsource the rest to other people. Ultimately, you can outsource every task and just think and grow your business. This is the way it works for big companies, small companies, for everything – no one person can do it all. You have to choose – hideous tasks, done perfectly, or real business strategy.

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