Who Should Join My Big Idea Mastermind Team

by BJ on January 18, 2014


I am BJ Min, a six figure earner online, and today I am talking to those of you who are wondering if they should join Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network.

Just read below to learn my opinion on

Who Should Join My Big Idea Mastermind Team

If you are a newbie in online selling and marketing, joining is fine, you will learn a lot of new things, and according to me, Empower Network is the best way to start your Internet business. I am particularly interested, however, in people who have similar background as mine.

If you are a ClickBank person, if you know how to make money as an affiliate, then Big Idea Mastermind is just for you. It can sky rocket your income and improve your efficiency tremendously, which in turn will influence your other activities as well. I personally, was a ClickBank affiliate marketer, making 6 figures online, but when I joined Big Idea I paused all my other activities. I wanted to focus completely.

And guess what? It worked – in just seven months I was able to achieve my previous income rate and best of all, this business has completely changed my mindset and the way i see making money as a whole.

To learn more about Big Idea Mastermind, click here.

Personally as far as my team is concerned, I think it is better for people who are already advanced in Internet marketing. I don't have the patience to teach technicalities such as creating a squeeze page. I prefer to work with people who already have a business, and help them take it to the next level. If you are this person and you are ready to make big ticket commissions online, join my team today.

Ready to join and start making BIG ticket commissions?


Talk soon,


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Ugo Okonkwo (@uokonkwo) January 20, 2014 at 9:31 am

I see where you’re coming from but very difficult BJ. Would be heaven to sign up a while bunch of super affiliates. but no. of 6 figure earners ready to sign up to any program is way less than no. of newbs ready to sign up.

I say open the doors wide and let everybody in. No preference. Then run with the runners, walk with the walkers and crawl… You get my point. I might do a video on this 🙂


BJ January 22, 2014 at 12:36 pm

Hi Ugo,

I am open to helping ALL types of people and that is why I have success in helping even NEWBIES make money online with training I provide all level.

The video you saw of me was just ONE video out of 900+ videos I made. That ONE VIDEO was made after I was surprised at how some newbies (many newbies especially …not all) who were asking me a BILLION questions and not taking action.

It seems like the people who produce results are people who take action and those usually are the DOERS who are already getting results.

There are newbies and beginners who take action and I am more than happy to point them to the right direction to succeed online. Don’t take my word out of context because if you watched over 900 videos I have published online, my DREAM/VISION is to inspire people to live their dreams and succeed in life and business and their dreams.


Hope that clears it up and makes sense to you because yes, I DO give a lot of great training to my team including newbies as well. In fact, most people who join my team are newbies and I have had them get results online because of the resources and training I point them to.

In addition, I’ve also had SIX FIGURE earners and some people who were even bigger join my team as well and they produce and get results for the masses as well.



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