What to Talk About When You Don’t Know What to Talk About

by BJ on August 22, 2013

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What to Talk About When You Don't Know What to Talk About

I want to give you some inspiration for the times you are not sure what you have to give to your subscribers. Especially if you are doing the 90 day video challenge it's understandable that sometimes you don't know what your video will be about, and you don't know what to talk about. Even I, with so much experience in making videos and video marketing, get stuck sometimes. I m not sure what I have to say but .. I still go for it.

The important thing is not so much what you say, although content is of value, but HOW you say it. Your body language matters, your enthusiasm matters. These are the things that will keep people coming back and watching more of your videos.

Just Hit The Record Button and GO

If you have made a commitment, just hit that record button and start making this video. I haven't missed a day of uploading 3 videos a day and sometimes it has been a real challenge to create content. We are not robots, you know, sometimes we get stuck and that's okay!

It doesn't matter what is the setting, what is the lighting, what is the content, what is the camera you use, you just have to do it. If you lose time thinking about all these things you are an analyzer, not a doer. If you want to get somewhere you have to be a doer and take action.

So bottom line, if you want to be successful, just make a video, be yourself, be honest and upload it. Then, move on to the next one. In this world nobody is perfect, neither will be your video. Just be authentic and do it now.

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