What To Talk About In Your YouTube Videos

by BJ on February 25, 2015

I get a lot of questions about what to talk about in their videos.

Here's what I talk about.

And again, this is just my way and it's NOT the only way.

I like to talk about my real life lessons in my online journey of making it as a full time internet entrepreneur.

I think it's more powerful to talk about your real life lessons (regardless of what stage you are in) to share with your followers. It can be about your dreams, aspirations…and also the ups and the downs…

…because the world is getting more and more crowded these days…

as the world gets more and more crowded, it becomes harder to hear your voice…

but there is a SOLUTION.

the solution is to be yourself ALL THE WAY.

So I would recommend you to find out what your gifts are.

What is it?

Is it music?

Is it cooking?

Is it painting?

Is it dancing?

What is it?


Deep down in your heart, you already know what that your gifts are.


That's when you shine.

That's when you are you best self.

Don't copy me.

Instead, be yourself to the fullest.

…and I believe you can use your gifts with videos to express yourself to the fullest!

But at the same time, be REAL.

Talk about the good and the bad…because we humans are all human beings.

Just because I have made it as an internet marketer doesn't mean I'm super human.

I still have issues and struggles in my life that I need to work on.

I'm not saying to focus only on the bad…but admit when you are overcoming some struggles…just to be you…because people want to know the real you…the people who resonate with you already like you for who you are…

you can't please everyone in the world…

just be you…and when you are to the fullest, the ones who resonate with you will really connect, like, and thus buy from you…

that's how you do video marketing in a simple way…

and again, in a weird way, i hope I answered your question on what to talk about in your videos…

use your gifts in your videos…

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talk soon,

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