What is the Most Expensive Internet Marketing Product You Purchased Online

by BJ on May 10, 2014

Hello, guys and gals!

How are you all doing?

I made a video to ask you a question I am curios about:

You know, usually I have “all the answers”, and I know that's
the main reason you are my subscribers, but sometimes there are
things I want to ask YOU – my followers and team.

My question to you today is

What is the Most Expensive Internet Marketing
Product You Purchased Online?

Looking forward to your comments!

The reason I came up with this question is once again a book
that I am reading. It is called CONVERT by Frank Kern. The author
has been an Internet marketing guru for a long time and I have been
following his development from a casual surfer guy to a professional
suited Internet marketer. In his growth he has stopped focusing
on small ticket products and started serving the top 20% of the Internet
marketers. This made me think what kind of products people are
really looking for and what price range is the most popular.

Personally, I have purchased online courses for up to $1000 and
even $3500. But as an Internet marketer, I am more used to
promoting $47 or $97 products…

That's why I would really appreciate it if you gave me some feedback
and some clues on what kind of products and for what price you
have purchased. Do you prefer cheap, one time payment products?
Or are you willing to invest hundreds of dollars in your Internet
marketing education and business? What is the ideal price range
for you?

Your replies will give me a better idea of the current state of the market
so that I can create and promote products that will be interesting
content-wise and in the right price range. Moreover, I am just
genuinely curious to learn what has been the most expensive Internet
marketing product that you have purchased.

Check my BEST recommended resource HERE.

Talk soon,


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