What is Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network

by BJ on July 27, 2013

Hey, there!

In the video below I am talking about what actually Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind are. Those are two very different things, and I am clearing up for you, guys, what the differences are, what you get when you join, and how you can use both to make money online! I have gotten a lot of questions about it, so I hope this is helpful.

Empower Network is the marketing product you purchase, and Big Idea Mastermind is the sales funnel which sells the product. I hope this is clear but let me elaborate a little:

When you purchase the product Empower Network you get all the marketing training and tools you need for this business. You can also sell Empower Network to other people because there is a great affiliate program making you up to $3000 in commissions from each sale.

There are 5 levels of Empower Network you can join:

1. Fast Training – you basically get a blog and join

2. Inner Circle – the interviews with the top earners, I highly recommend you to upgrade to that

3. Costa Rica

4. 5K formula course – marketing and traffic sources course

5. The Master's Course – the one which will teach you how to make six figure income

This is what you need to get all in, guys. You have these five products which you can purchase and then start selling Empower Network yourself.

What about Big Idea? This is the mastermind, the growth and development family, that you join if you sign up under me. And then the person who signs up under you is part of Big Idea Mastermind, too. We all get FREE training and FREE turnkey website made for us by Vick Strizheus that will actually sell Empower Network. The thing with Big Idea is that everything is done by Vick for you already! He is the top earner in Empower Network so he is the one you want to follow. There is nothing you need – you get the sales funnel, the blog, the website, the domain, it's all done for you.

So join now by clicking the link below and get all that you need to start making money online today!

Click here to start making money online today.

Click here to learn more.

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