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by BJ on March 27, 2014


How are you doing guys and gals?

I found something amazing and I am in a hurry to share it with you! It is the new

Webinar Jam – The Best Webinar Software

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I know that a lot of you have been using video marketing for their Internet business. I have too and it has been great, but if you think that making a video and uploading it is all there is, you are wrong.

As an experienced video marketer, I can't rely on YouTube videos solely. That's why I use Google Hangouts to create video meetings with my team members and prospects. This is real life interaction and it is much more effective that just a video.

Usually I make a one-hour session with a specific topic. On Google Hangouts, you broadcast a life video that can be watched by anyone with the right info. In this way you can attract hundreds or even thousands of people to listen to your message, and encourage them to ask questions and communicate with you.

Why am I talking about this? Recently I discovered a new revolutionary software for webinars that uses Google Hangouts! I have to admit I was excited. Usually, webinar software costs a lot of money (if you want quality) and requires technical knowledge to set up. With Webinar Jam all you need is a Google account and your PC. In addition, you get the same value as well known webinar sites, but for MUCH LESS money.

Bottom line – if you have been thinking about webinars, this is the time to do your first one! Webinar Jam is easy to use, affordable and it utilizes a platform that everyone is familiar with – Google.

What more can we ask for? Thank you, Webinar Jam!









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