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by BJ on June 8, 2009

What Are Viral Videos?

When people talked to me about things going viral
it made no sense to me until someone related it to
me like a piece of gossip. A piece of gossip spreads
like wildfire. This one tells that one and that one
tells the next one and so on and so forth. Well
videos work the same way.

Videos can also very easily go viral. A viral video
is basically a video that gets passed along from one
viewer to another. There is a potential for hundreds,
thousands, or even millions of people to view videos
that are passed along virally. Basically the types of
videos that are passed along to others are videos that
are very informative, videos that give help or tips,
videos that are funny, shocking or outrageous.

A great way to start the videos virally is to make the
suggestion that your viewers send the videos that they
like to their family and friends. There is a script
that you can find available online that allows you to
offer some type of gift if they give you the email
address of three of their friends that the video can be
sent to.

Shocking videos are a great type of video that can be
viral. They are a popular type of video. If the viewer
is shocked and surprised, then a lot of times they want
to show this video to their family and friends. Just
add your web site address to the video and watch your
views of your video change.

Videos that give information are good viral videos. As
an internet marketer you may want to show your traffic
stats if you are getting a lot of traffic. If you are
making a lot of sales, then you can show your sales
from your payment processor.

Funny videos are a big business and another great type
of video that can be passed along virally. This type of
video is very popular with a lot of people. So if you
have a funny video, add your web address to the video
and start passing it along.

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BJ Min

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