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by BJ on June 7, 2009

With the development of the Internet and the
huge way that it has become such a part of our
society a fairly new marketing tool has become
extremely prevalent and successful on the
Internet. This tool is video marketing. It's
free and is one of the most popular ways to
get traffic. It's just like having a free

If you have ever watched late night TV, you have
seen a lot of the infomercials that people create
to show and sell their product. These cost hundreds
of thousands of dollars to not only create but also
to get television time. Well you have the
opportunity to create a video advertising your
product and posting where it can be seen by millions
of people and it is literally free to do this. This
is one of the best ways to get traffic today.

There are two kinds of videos that you can create.
One way is thru the use of a digital camera. So just
get a regular digital camera. You don't have to worry
about getting expensive equipment or anything; just
use your digital camera to create your videos. The
other way to create videos is through the use of
powerpoint.  You can create powerpoint videos based
on spoken audios. You can create the powerpoint videos
and then submit them to your favorite video sites.

The purpose of creating videos of course is to get
traffic to your website. The #1 way to do this is
through posting your videos on youtube. Again remember
that your video can be seen 24 hours a days, seven days
a week. Just like you did with your article marketing,
you want to do your keyword research. You will then put
your keyword in your video title and in your video
description and in the tag section. People will be
searching for your video based on the keywords. You also
want to make sure that you put your website link at the
very top of the description and the very bottom of the
description. When you put your website link, make sure
that you use the http:// in you link so that your
visitors can click on the link.

Even though youtube is the #1 video site, there are
other video directories that you can submit your video
to. You can submit your video to aol, myspace, youtube,
viddler and howto among others. However, there is a
site called that will let you send out
multiple videos just on at the click of a button. At
this site, you can submit your videos to approximately
10-20 video directories. This is a very powerful site,
and it has a free option. The free option allows you
to submit 10 video submissions per month. You will need
to create an account for each of the video sites that
you want to post your video at.

Another technique that you want to use is to comment
on other videos. Find out the competitors of your
videos in your niche and click on stats in youtube
and you'll find out what websites are linking to that
video. So whatever websites they are you can go to that
website that is linking to your competitors video and
ask them if they might be interested in posting your
video because it's related to it. How about you put my
video on your website as well? They want content, and
they want new videos as well so they'll be glad to put
your video on their website for the next blog and so

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To your success,

BJ Min

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