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by BJ on June 10, 2009

So you've decided that you want to make a
video for your internet marketing business.
Do you know what equipment that you need?
If you are like me when I started, I had
no idea. So let's talk about what you'll

Let's talk about the software. If you have
Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Movie
Maker on your computer, then you have two
pieces of software that will allow you to
make and edit movies.

Three are three different ways to actually
capture the footage. You can use a digital
camera, a camcorder or you cell phone video
recorder. Once you have captured the footage,
you want to turn it into a video using the
software that we have previously mentioned.

You can also create videos of screen shots
showing sales figures or traffic shots or
information about your product. For these
type of videos, you want to use screen
capture software. Some good examples of
screen capture software includeCamtasia,
Screen Hunter, Fast Stone and MWSnap.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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