Video Marketing Tips – Record and Go

by BJ on June 28, 2013

Hey, guys,

how're you doing? I am making this video today and sharing it with all of you to tell you one very important tip about video marketing. Actually, in the beginning you will be surprised because I have mixed it up a little tis time, but won't tell, just watch it and you'll see!

Video Marketing Is All About Taking Action

What I want you to take away from this video that I made is that sometimes you just have to do it. Video marketing is about being brave, taking action and turning that ‘Record” button on! There is no better time to make and post a video online than NOW!

I'm gonna tell you a little secret that very very few Internet entrepreneurs would share with you, and I am gonna do it for free. While doing the 90-day challenge I am supposed to post 3 videos every day, yes, 3 absolutely new videos every single day! Most of the time I don't have an idea about what I am going to say in them until I hit the ‘Record' button.

You gotta believe me, taking action is so much more powerful than thinking about it. You will own the place once you are on that stage! Just like my mentor, who had the most influential speech on the last event I went to, and later revealed that he didn't even know what he was gonna talk about until he got on stage.

Just Go

You will be so surprised how much great wisdom comes from within. When you just get out there and be yourself you can connect with people, create convertible traffic for your web page. Start recording this video now, listen to your heart, to your inner self and you will create a better you!

So just turn on the cameras, hit the ‘Record' button and let the words flow.

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Take care


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