Video Marketing Tips – How to Be Comfortable with Online Videos

by BJ on April 14, 2014

Hi, there!

Before I teach you how to be comfortable with making videos online,
let me tell you a secret about my video marketing experience.

You probably watch my videos and think that I am so comfortable
with speaking in front of people, and I am so easy going….

….but in fact I have considered myself shy for the biggest part of my life!

However, I have several YouTube channels and hundreds and thousands of
videos online…

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One thing that I can definitely say is essential for your videos is being yourself.
I am quite sure that you, just like me, get frustrated or uncomfortable making
videos that can be seen by thousands of people online.

My best advice in these situations is

Imagine You Are Talking To A Friend

When you start making your videos, just imagine that your best friend is
sitting across you. Or it might be a member of your family, that you feel
relaxed around. Then make your video as if you are explaining the topic to
them and you will see how easy it is for you to just be yourself.

It is natural to feel frustrated knowing that people will see your videos, judge you,
and have different opinions about you. But do you think about these things
when talking to the people closest to you? No, right?

Well, that's the easiest way to overcome your anxiety and start making videos
for your marketing campaign. You don't need to be perfect, you don't need to
be experienced – just to be yourself.

Be yourself and shine – that's the secret to great video marketing.

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Talk soon,


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