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by BJ on February 24, 2014

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I am BJ Min – a six figure earner online – sharing with you some

Video Marketing Tips 

If you are a part of my team, or you follow my YouTube channel and blog you already know I love to do YouTube videos and use them for marketing – this is my specialty! I have created over 1000 videos in different niches.

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YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and if video marketing resonates with you, I definitely recommend it. Online I see two types of videos generally:

1. Videos for SEO ranking. Those are usually short videos made just for selling. They have good keywords in the titles and marketers optimize them for SEO. Then those videos automatically rank high on Google but because there is no valuable content in them, in the long run they get a lot of dislikes and negative comments. Those videos are great for marketing but they do not create a relationship with the viewers.

2. Videos with content. Those videos have excellent value for subscribers but they are usually not optimized for SEO. They get a lot of likes, make people subscribe and follow the channel but get very little exposure. In the long run they are more successful but it takes a long time for them to rank high on search engines.

After making over a 1000 videos I came to the conclusion that the ideal way to make videos for marketing is to do a SEO content video.

I admit, it is harder to do good content and SEO video in one. It takes more time and effort but it is definitely worth it! If you manage to provide good value and optimize your videos you will have the benefits of both strategies in ones – a lot of people will see your video and a lot of people will love it.

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Robby Keller February 24, 2014 at 10:08 am

Get content man!!! I have always did one or the other and not both. As far as offer great content or SEO. Not combing both which makes more sense. The videos that provide value and content and get all the likes obviously are worthy to be seen by more people.


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