Video Marketing Tips – Be Yourself In Your Videos

by BJ on August 24, 2013

Hey, there!

I am writing this today for those of you who have just joined my team, wondering how to do online marketing and video marketing, and insecure about your content or skills. Whatever business you are in the best thing you can do is

Just Be Yourself

By being yourself in your business and marketing you are in your most powerful state. You get to be authentic and unique, something that is of real value in this business. Once you are truly yourself in your videos you can take control over your them. When you are yourself, people can sense that you are the real deal.

The ultimate power of persuasion can be only achieved when your words come from your heart, when they are actually your words. I am always speaking from my heart and that's why people come watch my videos again and again. They even copy me! Yes, it happened, but that's just sad, because it is really obvious.

Be Authentic To Connect With People

If you decide to copy someone, to talk from a script your viewers will sense that you are not honest, that you are fake, and they won't believe you. You just need to be yourself, you don't have to act in a certain way to attract people. No matter how you dress, or how you look, or how you talk, you will connect with people on an emotional level if you speak from your heart, with enthusiasm and determination.

Bottom line, to make your videos great, you need to stop acting and start interacting. When you speak from your heart you can get the messages you want across. This is the best advice you can get for video marketing – be yourself and get your ideas from the depths of your heart.

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