Video Marketing Tips – 3 Tips to Make a YouTube Video

by BJ on March 22, 2014


Lately a lot of my team members have been asking me one question:

Do you do back links and SEO for your YouTube videos?

Watch my video below till the end to find the answer.

The reason why I have over 1000 educational videos on YouTube is that I consider video marketing to be one of the most effective online marketing methods.

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Here are the three main reasons why you MUST do video marketing regularly:

1. It is good for personal development. When you get in front of the camera and make a video it is just like going in front of a life audience to speak. You overcome your fear of being yourself, of how you look, of how you talk and you transform into a confident person. That's why I do the 90-Day-Video challenge and I encourage you to do it as well.

2. It brings in a lot of traffic. What you want is people to see your website, right? Well, YouTube is the second biggest search engine online after Google. Yes, millions of people come to YouTube daily to look for information, products and entertainment. This is your chance to get easily found online.

3. It converts leads into customers. As you know Internet marketing is not only about traffic, but also about conversion. YouTube videos are a valuable tool to use for converting your prospects and getting sales. If you want to connect with your list you probably already have an e-mail newsletter or broadcast. One of the easiest and most effective ways to give value to your list is to provide them with your videos, in which you speak about topics they are interested in.

So do I do back links and SEO? I prefer to do good videos.

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