Video Marketing Software – Should You Use It or Not

by BJ on April 13, 2014


You probably already know that video marketing is my specialty.

I had over 1000 videos on my YouTube channel before it got shut
down by YouTube for reasons unknown. I am currently doing a
second round of the 90-day video challenge, uploading one video per day
every day for 90 days. I have done value videos just to help people,
but I have also uploaded videos for marketing purposes only which
rank No1 on Google and YouTube.

Why am I telling you all that?

Because when I talk about video marketing software, I want to make
sure that you know that my opinion matters. After all of the above
mentioned experience and several different video marketing
softwares I must advise you against using one.

Here are my main reasons:

1. Traffic. Video marketing softwares blast your videos to multiple
video directories. I have heard from other marketers (although I have
never got satisfactory results myself) that videos uploaded to different
sites have created a huge buzz around them. Nevertheless, everyone agrees
that the biggest part of the traffic from a video will come from YouTube.
Then, why would you use other platforms at all? You need to weigh the
money you spend on video marketing with the amount of traffic it will
bring your way.

2. Credibility. In my personal opinion, geniuinly uploaded videos are
more credible. Sure, the people who watch them can not know how they
appeared on the site, but the site knows. More often than not, videos
blasted with a video marketing software get taken down from YouTube.
And YouTube is your biggest traffic source, right? Then why risk it?

Bottom line of my review – if you really want to try it, go for video
marketing software, BUT you don't need it and I personally
neither use or recommend one.

Join my team to learn how to rank your video on page 1 of
Google and YouTube.

Watch my video for my video marketing software review:

Take action and take care,


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