Video Marketing Lesson – You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

by BJ on March 15, 2014

Hey, guys and gals!

This is BJ Min – the Internet marketer – with your daily success tip.

To become successful at online marketing I committed myself to do 3 videos a day for 90 days. I kept my promise and after more than 300 videos I saw a huge difference in my business. Videos helped my development in three ways:

1. They improved my marketing.

2. They helped me become more confident.

3. They motivated me to keep growing in order to keep providing value.

So after the challenge was over I think I got spoiled by my success and stopped uploading regular videos. And you know what? I saw a decline in both my business results and self-esteem!

Make Videos To Stay On Top Of Your Game

That's why I decided to re-start my 3 videos a day habit without a deadline, just do it!

Watch this to see how I did over 1000 videos:

You have probably noticed that most of my videos are recorded in my car. Well, yes as a successful online marketer I could suit up and have a nice white background, look all polished up….

….but that's not me!

I prefer to make an authentic, real, honest video that not only talks about an online marketing issue but also says who I am, what my character is and lets me connect with people.

It is not important to have the perfect tie, perfect lipstick, perfect light, perfect outfit…

All that matters is that you make that video!

Each video you make takes you one step closer to success regardless of your hairstyle.

Each video you are thinking about making does not do anything for you, because it doesn't exist.

Take my advice and stop thinking about the video and START RECORDING. This is the only thing that will take you closer to success.

Learn how to make videos directly from me HERE.

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Talk soon,


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