Video Commissions Update

by BJ on April 13, 2015


Video Commissions is literally my baby that I built for over a year not to mention the many years of doing youtube videos ever since 2007 and also spending tons of different seo strategies out there in the industry.

At first, I wanted to make it a big hit” on Clickbank and thought I should sell it for a lower ticket price to reach out to┬áthe “masses”.

But then I started noticing that it was also attracting some of the “wrong” types of people such as those who were chronic refunders and just people who didn't take my products very seriously.

Now don't get me wrong. Not everyone who got my course were wrong. Some of them were amazing people and I don't take that away from them.

It's specifically the chronic refunders and serial refunders (and many of them got BANNED from Clickbank because I reported them to Clickbank and they found out they were abusing the system) that I just didn't want to deal with period.

I admit that I took it personally because this is my life's work that I put many hours into to develop a solid long term blueprint to use videos to market a person's business online.

If they took the action consistently, persistently with it, I know the value they would get out of it (even just 1 tip here and there) is priceless.

So at first selling for a low ticket item was my first decision. I got advice from amazing marketers who are far more financially successful than me and followed it.

However, it's hard to explain that the weird “feeling” inside of me was always there.

I just didn't “feel right” whenever someone bought my product for a low ticket price.

It just didn't feel right or feel like a fair transaction for me.

Because I knew for the person who took it seriously, the training inside this course should be a higher ticket range considering it's a special expertise that you cannot find elsewhere in this industry.

And yes, I actually DO USE this strategy to this day to use videos to market my products and services online. It's one of the HIGHEST & QUALITY converting traffic out there from me testing out all kinds of traffic strategies out there online.

After really wrestling on whether to price it low or high, I am taking a leap of faith and following my heart to price it at a higher ticket price range.

The reason for this is it just feels congruent bottomline.

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you can't just follow your head.

You also got to follow your heart.

It's not just about the money per say.
It's about you doing what you want to do.

And I've been saying to be yourself all the way.

And I honestly believe my product should be priced higher and that truly is being myself all the way.

It's not for everyone.
It's specifically for those video marketers who want to know my TOP secret on how to market their business to a whole new level with videos…and learn my hidden strategy to rank on top of Google as fast as 24 hours at times…and I have not found anyone who teaches videos teach this method ever in my journey online.

So having said that, that's why I'm deciding to raise my prices.

For now, I will keep it on Clickbank and raise the price to a higher level for all the products in the funnel.

I am also considering just moving it off Clickbank and selling it on stripe which is a very solid payment processor as well just to remove myself from dealing with any chronic refunders period who unfortunately abuse the clickbank refund policy especially in the internet marketing niche.

Anyhow, that's the update that I wanted to tell you.

I've been wrestling with this for a very long time but I just can't ignore the feeling and sense inside of me to raise the prices because I know what I teach is worth far more than any low ticket offer.

Bottomline, it should be in the high ticket price level.

That's why I'm making this change for the future.

If you're ready to rock it with videos to market your business online, then click here.

Talk soon,

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