Value Marketing vs Pitch Marketing

by BJ on January 15, 2014

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In this post I want to give you a summary of a webinar held by my mentor and top earner in Big Idea Mastermind – Vick┬áStrizheus.

One of the issue that many people mention as an argument against joining Empower Network is that there are more and more people promoting it, so even if it is very profitable (which it is), eventually it will get exhausted.

Well, there is a solution ready for you, guys!

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It is true that there are more and more Internet marketers out there every day. How will you stay on top of your game with so much competition? You will do something that nobody else is doing.

Value Marketing

Value marketing is just about giving. When you send an e-mail don't ask people to buy, just give them something for free – information, tool, cool website, motivation, whatever you have…

Value marketing is a new concept for me too. I just started learning that if you don't achieve balance between selling and giving value, most probably you are just annoying people. Prospects surely need to see your offer more than once to buy, but this doesn't mean that all you will do is selling.

When you provide valuable, free information and knowledge, you build a relationship with your leads. They start trusting you and are much readier to buy once you have something to sell. Moreover, you will be different.

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Watch my videos to see more details about my meeting with Vick and how he is planning to help everybody in his team make more money online:

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Ugo Okonkwo January 16, 2014 at 8:32 pm

Some good ideas BJ. Give info and tools etc. Always tempting to sell, sell, sell as marketers.

A good autoresponder series should send 5 or 6 ‘value’ emails before sending an affiliate link ­čÖé

Some marketers don’t even include any links!!! Or at most just a generic toplevel .com at the end of each email.


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