Use Your Talents to Live Your Calling

by BJ on December 22, 2013

Hello, everyone!

This is BJ Min with your daily success tip. Today we are talking about how to

Use Your Talents to Live Your Calling

I have always said that everyone is different, and every one of us has an unique talent that they must use to achieve their dreams. You have specific gifts and skills that nobody else has.

My best advice to you is to work to develop and use them every single day.

Moreover, it is essential, to use your gifts in the direction of your dreams. Otherwise, you will be running in circles, doing something without a purpose, and…well, wasting your gifts!

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How can you do that?

The first step is to, of course, know what your dreams are. You need to find out what makes you happy and what is your mission in life. Then, you also need to figure out what your gift is. After that only, you can align both and achieve your ultimate fulfillment in life.

Wait, does it sound too easy? Well, it's not. It might take you years to find your mission and talents but you should never stop trying.

My point – it is not enough to use your gifts and develop them daily, you need to use them in the direction of your calling, with a meaning. And you know what will happen then? You will have an impact in the world and whatever you do will actually matter, because you had a purpose.

It is really powerful to align your gifts to your dreams – this means you are living the life you were meant to from the start.

My message to you:

Live Your Life With a Purpose and You Are Truly Living

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