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by BJ on May 3, 2014

Hi, there, guys and gals!

Watch my video to learn why you must upload your videos
even if they are not perfect:

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Okay, what I am about to say might sound like common sense
but you will be surprised how many people get it wrong…

If you make a video and you don't upload it, it just doesn't count!

Video marketers, listen! The point of making a video, even a
mediocre video is to upload it online.

The reason I am saying this is that there are A LOT of Internet marketers
who make amazing videos with the intention to post them, but
then just save them on their hard disk.

Why does this happen? Well, their mindset gets in the way: they
feel insecure about the content, video quality, their looks, and I
don't know what else…

My message to everyone – don't let this happen to you!

When you make a video just save it and upload it immediately. In this way
all the fear and insecurity will not have time to take over your thoughts
and stop you from taking action for your video marketing.

A video that is not public will not do you any good, but even a not
so good video that is online can impact and inspire somebody to
do the same, and ultimately can bring traffic to your website.

To avoid any of these problems, you have to work consistently
on your mindset. 
Your mindset and personal development
will make you BELIEVE in yourself and let you upload those videos.

That's why my best business strategy is 

1. Work on your MINDSET

and then 2. Work on your business.

Start with your mindset because it will empower you to achieve
everything in your business without fear or hesitation.

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Take care,


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