Underachieve Everyday to Overachieve in the Long Run

by BJ on August 10, 2013


I am glad you are here, because in the video below I am sharing a surprising and eye opening success secret: underachieve every day to overachieve in the long run.

Let me explain that to you simply. For example, you committed to the 90 day challenge to upload 1 video per day every day. Sometimes you have much to say, sometimes less, sometimes you just want to say ‘Hi!' but generally you make 3-5 minute videos. Okay, we set the scene. So ,now comes one day you have no time, and you have only made a 1 minute video to say that you don't have time for another. Is it better to not upload it at all? Of course, not. Small steps are better than no steps.

Sometimes our goals are too high for us, or we don't feel motivated, or we don't have the time. But if we even take baby steps every day, in the long run, we can achieve anything. Because most people will just give up, when a goal is too hard, the ones who take even small steps succeed.

Now it doesn't sound so strange and crazy anymore, does it? In this world 99% of the people will never follow up with their promises, will never take action to achieve their goals. So if you are in this 1% that does even a little bit, you are in for success, brother!

There is nothing worse than wasting your life to something you don't love, than not enjoying your life to the fullest. I want to help you hear your inner calling and start achieving your goals today. Don't be disappointed when you don't get the sales you were hoping for. If you are getting some sales, if you are putting some effort, in the long run you will be better off than most people!

Bottom line, it's better to do less than expected than do nothing. Don't miss a day, don't miss a turn! If you decided to run for 10 miles, running even 1 is a step further to your goal. It's the same in your business – we all start with baby steps to become giants.

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