Types Of People In Internet Marketing

by BJ on July 1, 2013


how you all doing? I am making a quick video for you, guys to give you some Internet marketing tips for FREE. Today, I want to talk about the three types of people that are in Internet marketing and I want to make an analogy with sports. Sports and marketing have something in common, of course!

3 Types of Internet Marketers

Type 1. People on the stands. This type of persons love sports but just love to watch. They are great fans, but they never play. They get super excited about their favorite athlete but when it comes to playing sports they are always hesitant and finding excuses. These people really love seeing someone else living their dream, but they are just watching. In online marketing, they are the same – just watch, never do or create information. They never start anything, just enjoy seeing others succeed and ruling for them.

Type 2. People on the bench. Okay, these ones, they are already in the game but still – only watching. They want to play, but they don't. They are watching other people do their thing, live their dream and fulfill their life. In marketing, those people are just consuming, not creating. They can't do things, or DON'T WANT to do things. They are players, but neither get in the game, neither leave it. It's like they are always waiting for something to happen, for the coach to call them in, but, in reality, you are your own coach! So they don't jump in and don't achieve anything.

Which brings me to the third kind of people in sports and online business.

Type 3. The Players. I mean the doers – the people who actually enter the game to play, to fulfill their dreams, to chase their inner calling. Others are watching them, want to be like them, want to be with them but are not brave enough. They are the ones impacting the world because they are not only consuming, they are creating excitement, enthusiasm, future. Those are the people who are actually scoring in the game, and in life.

So ask yourself who you are, and take a decision to be part of the creators of the new world. Take action, stop sitting on the stands or on the bench, get in the game and do it!

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