Truth About Internet Marketing

by BJ on November 7, 2014

Truth About Internet Marketing

My advice to you if you want to learn internet marketing to make money online – it's not easy, it can take a long time, you may not make it…

it may be good idea to take it just ONE baby step at time (start small then increase your goal little by little…that's what i did)…

There is some truth to what Steve Jobs said about the importance of being foolish to achieve your dreams.

If i knew all the things i know now, i don't think i could have went for this journey because of all the things to develop, learn, do, etc…so if you have this FOOLISHNESS you can make it big, i commend you and actually encourage you to don't take it for granted…use it for your own good…use that “anything can be possible” dreamy mindset to propel you to go for this…it's the crazy ones who think they can change the world are the ones who do.

be yourself – at end of the day, i think it's always most fulfilling just being yourself in your marketing…look at the great marketers…they are just being themselves…aren't they?

learn traffic – just find ONE traffic strategy that you resonate with, master it, and go all out with it for you niche.

learn conversions – how to set up a squeeze page, preframe page which has link to sales page of your program you joined.

keep your secret YOUR secret – in this bizopp business, not a lot of people have ever told me this except maybe another 8 figure earner i heard on youtube…but it's this that i now live by…keep your best secret to yourself…don't share it…because it takes YEARS to discover just 1 top secret…that can take you ONE year or more…why give it away? why give all our secrets to competitors? do you see COCA COLA give away their FORMULA to PEPSI? I don't think so…stop sharing everything…keep the BEST stuff to yourself! Other people can do that…i'm tired of chasing after secrets…if i found one, ill keep it to myself so i can stop chasing for new & new secrets if i share everything away…

get into other niches – this is something that i've done in past, still am in other niches, but i really think this is important because TOO MANY PEOPLE are in the bizopp/im niche…competing and knowing so much more than those little micro niches…consider checking out niches and i think you can find A LOT more success…

consider consulting – i know some people who didn't make much money online with the IM/bizopp niche but when they used their skills/lessons into the local consulting world, they had success. what you already know (almost 100% of you in this group) is already WAY ABOVE most local business owners know about internet marketing.

build a list – i think someo of you are in programs but don't have an autoresponder? big mistake…just get yourself an autoresponder at and build your list forever (if you're really serious about this IM thing)

EMAIL consistently! – this is so important…it's ALL ABOUT THE FOLLOW UPS…we hear this all the time but many of us forget to do it for all our lists/campaigns…get them to 30 days autoresponder minimum and keep sending emails (broadcasts & include in autoresponder) regularly…ideally DAILY!


may update more on my ramblings here.


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