Traffic + Conversion = Sales

by BJ on September 26, 2013

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How To Get Sales Online

A lot of people in this business think that traffic is everything. I must agree that traffic is important …. BUT it is nothing if you can't convert it into sales. You can get tons of traffic and no sales at all. I am telling you this from experience.

Okay, so I am not saying you shouldn't try to get as much traffic as possible, my point is that conversion is equally important.

Traffic + Conversion = Sales

Can't say it enough times – it is the high traffic and the high conversion rate that will bring you sales. Both are equally important even though not at the same time.

So find your unique traffic source first. Why? Because if we all try to get traffic from the same place nobody will get enough. So learn and practice getting your own traffic. Then learn how to convert the leads.

One sure way of learning those two things is joining Empower Network that I am a part of . If you upgrade to the highest level, you will learn amazing traffic and conversion secrets. These will unleash you to discover and create more ways to make money online.

The second thing you need to do is to make follow up e-mails. Then when you get leads you can send them messages by e-mail and improve your conversion rate. My goal is to have 365 days of follow up e-mails so that I can give my leads 365 days to think and have the opportunity to buy in.

These are the two simple things you need to do:

1) Get Traffic

2) Create an Email Autoresponder Series to Convert Traffic Into Sales

Don't forget that traffic is only valuable when your leads are converted into sales. To learn how to do that, click the link below and join.

1) Watch the FORMULA to make money online:

2) Click link below to learn how to build your own EMAIL NEWSLETTER to make money online:

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