Traffic Authority Review & Bonus & Compensation Plan – Get Traffic & Sell Traffic!

by BJ on August 28, 2015

Traffic Authority is a new business opportunity that provides and allows you to sell the #1 thing that people want in the home based business industry which is TRAFFIC!

(Traffic Authority Review – Short Version)


(Traffic Authority Review – Long Version)

As I'm typing this right now, it is the #1 FASTEST GROWING business opportunity in the world according to MLMRankings which compares all the opportunities in the world.

Check out proof here below to see how Traffic Authority is the #1 fastest growing business opportunity in the world!

Let me explain to you the 7 reasons why you just join Traffic Authority, personally work with me, and start growing an online business that can sell like hot cakes for now and for the future!

#1: Sell the #1 thing that our marketplace wants!

First, the reason I believe this is hot is because it is selling the #1 thing our marketplace (home business opportunity owners and seekers) want!

I have surveyed my list multiple times.

My mentors and gurus in this industry have surveyed their list.

And the #1 THING that people want is TRAFFIC!

That's what Traffic Authority sells and allows you the opportunity to sell and make commissions from doing so as well.

#2: Sell a done for you service which is selling a higher value to the marketplace than just selling information.

Second, I believe this is HOT right now and will continue to be for the future because they are selling you a DONE FOR YOU SERVICE. In my opinion and probably other gurus will agree that a DONE FOR YOU service has a HIGHER VALUE than just selling information.

A lot of online marketers like myself have sold information products online. That's awesome because it's a high profit business but when is the last time you were able to sell a DONE FOR YOU SERVICE as an affiliate? I don't recall many affiliate programs that offer that especially with a compensation that allows you to get paid up to $3,200 in commissions per sale.

It's not just any done for you service but DONE FOR YOU SERVICE about the #1 thing that our industry wants…which is DONE FOR YOU TRAFFIC SERVICE with a click of a button!

#3: This program has 20+ years of experience in the traffic and lead generation industry

Third, this program is founded by a team of cofounders who have been in the industry for 20+ years selling traffic and lead generation services for TOP PRODUCERS in our industry which means the quality of traffic is SOLID and works!

#4: Amazing DONE FOR YOU marketing system inside the company that converts traffic into leads, leads into sales, and sales into upgrades!

Fourth, this program is also cofounded by a system genius named Adam Whiting who is responsible for creating multiple systems that MANY TOP PRODUCERS have used in the past. He saw the big opportunity with this program and came here with his team to create a SYSTEM (inside the company) so that EVERYONE in the company can use the system to get their TRAFFIC to CONVERT into sales online.

Check out the Traffic Authority optin page. It converts!

#5: Amazing compensation plan so that affiliates are making up to $100,000 in 2 weeks…most programs can't compare with those numbers!

Fifth, this program works because there are affiliates making up to $100,000 in 2 weeks from the launch of the program! Again, income dislcaimer…those results are not typical and I don't guarantee that you will succeed with this because success requires hard work, dedication, and really taking your business seriously and all the way.

#6: Powerful culture to inspire, motivate, and empower you to take action DAILY through their LIVE calls and LIVE hangouts almost every day!

Sixth, this program works because they have a FANTASTIC CULTURE. I have never seen a company do LIVE calls almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! These guys are insane but it is PUMPING ME UP and THOUSANDS of people in this program to really take this business seriously. Whoever team you join, get on the LIVE CALLS and LIVE WEBINARS to pump yourself up to really take this business seriously because how you think in your MIND does matter. And they will help you to continue to work on your MINDSET to grow your business online.

#7: Founded by a team of co-founders which make them stronger as a whole to help you succeed in your journey online!

Seventh, Traffic Authority rocks because I believe it's founded by a GROUP of CO-FOUNDERS which I believe makes them STRONGER as a whole. It's not just one or two leaders. But it's about 5 main core leaders who are constantly working together to push this company to the next level, challenge you, motivate you, and keep you to keep on going on to succeed online. I have to be honest. I haven't felt this way in 2 years. The last time was an amazing opportunity but I feel NEW & INVIGORATED again with this opportunity.

BONUS REASON: Partner with me, a bestselling author & a million dollar earner to take yourself and your business to the next level.

My name is BJ Min and I went from struggling working at a convenience store to eventually becoming a bestselling author (for the eBook “How to Make Money with Ebooks“) and have earned over a million dollars in sales online from my internet marketing career doing several different businesses online (clickbank, eBook publishing, online network marketing, niche marketing, and so forth). If you want to learn more about me, then go here.

What that means to you is that if you join Traffic Authority me personally, you will work with me personally, learn internet marketing from someone who has DIVERSE experience from making money online from multiple different things to give you a unique perspective to succeed online, get to connect and work with a real full time internet marketer to succeed in your journey online.

You will have direct access to me (I am available…just don't abuse it), my private training, and future resources (such as a future team system coming up in the future) to help you STAND OUT and SUCCEED in this industry and beyond!

As long as you join my team, I am here for you. I am not about hand outs but hand ups in this industry. As long as you are willing to join and do the work, then I'll be here as a resource to help you succeed online.

I just got started and I believe my feeling this feeling with this opportunity is coming across naturally through my emails, videos, and posts and that is helping people join my team consistently on a regular basis. Again, we're just getting started and I'm pumped and I welcome you to join my team and let's start rocking this business SERIOUSLY for real…to ultimately go for our dreams…to create the future that we want for the future…and let's just do it! Click here to join Traffic Authority, work with me, and start your online business seriously this time with me!

I will teach you more about the product, prices, and compensation below…


  • TRAFFIC STORE (Traffic Packages – This is the done for you traffic service. This is the MOST Unique thing about this opportunity! They will literally GIVE YOU traffic from TOP TIER countries who are interested in business opportunities!)
  • TRAFFIC ACADEMY (Traffic Training – They will also teach you how to get traffic so you can develop your traffic and conversion skills as an internet marketer!)
  • TRAFFIC OPTIMIZER (Traffic Tools – You will get a traffic tool to MAXIMIZE your conversions! This tool will convert your leads into sales online!)

Step 1 – Choose 1 Monthly Product

  • Option #1: Traffic Optimizer (includes reseller fee) – $47 a month (pays $20 a month commissions to affiliates)
  • Option #2: Traffic Optimizer & Training Academy (includes reseller fee) – $144 a month (pays $70 a month commissions to affiliates)

Step 2 – Choose 1 Traffic Package (Choose 1 traffic package to get traffic & qualify to make commissions at that level as an affiliate)

  1. Basic – $220 – 170-190 clicks (Pays $100 commissions)
  2. Bronze – $440 – 350-380 clicks (Pays $200 commissions)
  3. Silver – $660 – 510-570 clicks (Pays $300 commissions)
  4. Gold – $1,097 – 850-950 clicks (Pays $500 commissions)
  5. Platinum – $2,197 – 1,700-1,900 clicks (Pays $1,000 commissions)
  6. Titanium – $4,297 – 3,400-3,800 clicks (Pays $2,000 commissions)
  7. Diamond – $8,397 – 8,100-8,400 clicks (Pays $4,000 commissions) – I got myself positioned at this level to be able to make $3,200 in commissions online!

There are 2 ways to be qualified as an affiliate (purchase the traffic package once OR pass up the traffic package 3 times).

So I recommend you to purchase at the HIGHEST LEVEL that you can to stretch yourself, put skin in the game, and make the biggest commissions as possible strating from the begining of your business.

Plus if you join at the lower traffic packages and then you decide to upgrade to a higher level, then you have to pay the ENTIRE amount all over again.

So it's actually more affordable to position at DIAMOND from the very beginning.

You can get qualified to sell the traffic package by buying it once OR passing up that package 3 times to whoever bought it in your upline.


  • You can get paid $20 a month for Traffic Optimizer.
  • You can get paid $70 a month for Traffic Optimizer & Traffic Academy level.
  • For traffic packages, you can get paid different commissions as shown above in the brackets
  • The first six sales for each product level, you share the commissions 50/50 between you and the sponsor.
  • After 6 sales, you make 80% and your sponsor makes 20%.
  • This compensation plan was made in a way to give incentive to your sponsor to help you succeed because he is literally like your PARTNER in your business.

You can get paid up to $3,200 commissions per sale online!

My recommendation is to stretch yourself to join at a level that will help you give you the WILLINGNESS to do whatever it takes to make this business work for you.

Plus, if you join Traffic Authority under my team, then you get these bonuses below…and ALL these bonuses if you purchase at the ALL IN (monthly & diamond package) within 30 days of joining my team.


  • Bonus #1: Private Facebook Group ($1000 value)
  • Bonus #2: Free Traffic Training ($5000 value)
  • Bonus #3: Conversion Training ($1000 value)
  • Bonus #4: Copy & Paste Emails ($997 value)
  • Bonus #5: My Future Unique System to Promote Traffic Authority ($997 value)
  • Bonus #6: Done For You Custom Funnel for DIAMOND Members ($5000)
  • Bonus #7: 1000+ YOUTUBE CO-OP SEO TRAFFIC for DIAMOND Members for 1 Month ($10,000)
  • Bonus #8: Offer My DIAMOND BONUSES to Your DIAMOND Members ($25,000)
  • Bonus #9: My ALL IN Course for DIAMOND Members! (Only for my direct downline – $10,000 Value)
  • Bonus #10: Get personally mentored and work with a million dollar earner! (for ALL Members – Priceless!)
  • VALUE OF MY BONUSES (ALL IN/DIAMOND Members) = $58,994 for FREE!

This is JUST the begining.

Be part of this powerful culture, partner with me, and let's CHANGE YOUR LIFE and CREATE A NEW FUTURE starting today!

Click Here to Partner With Me, Join Traffic Authority, and Build Your Success Online Business Starting Today!

I look forward to helping you take yourself and your business to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

I'll talk to you soon!

BJ Min

PS…For additional information, go check out my review on an internet marketing forum about Traffic Authority.


Just got paid $500 commissions from this while checking my email today.


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