Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online Working From Home or Anywhere Around The World

by BJ on April 2, 2017

10 ways on how to make money online.

1. MLM/Network Warketing Using Internet Marketing – the key is to use online marketing to leverage youreslf to recruit people online using social media like youtube, facebook, buying solo ads, using traffic vendors, etc. – good resouce to compare mlm companies

2. Affiliate marketing – The 2 most popular platforms for affiliate marketing are amazon associates, clickbank, jvzoo, commissionjunction. these platforms allow you to sell other people/company's products and earn a commission.

3. Product creation – You can create your own product and allow affiliates to drive massive traffic to make even more money than most affiliate markters because you get to be on top of the food chain because you came up with the product/vision.

4. Ebook Publishing – You can publish your own book on eBook platforms like Amazon's Kindle, BarnesandNoble's Nook, and Apple's iBookstore. You can use platforms like kdp, nookpress, and smashwords to reach these top ebook retailers.

5. Ecommerce – You can use amazon fba private label to create your own products, slap a logo, and start making money online. you can also sell your physical products on shopify by creating an ecommerce store there. you can also sell your items on ebay as well. – Shopify store 14 day free trial!

6. Freelancing – You can offer your talents/services to freelancing sites like upwork or fiverr. fiverr is not just for places to get five dollars because you can upsell up to $300 services so think creatively. come up with a quick $5 offer an upsell up to $300! – my top recommended freelancing websites.

7. Coaching – You can offer coaching via 1-on-1, email coaching, group coaching. – check out my internet marketing coaching for service and/or example of how to do it yourself.

8. Stocks/Forex – I'm not much of a forex or trader but i've seen enough of people succeeding with it so i have to put it up here on the list.

9. Surveys – Just like stocks/forex, i don't personally do surveys but for many years, this surveys topic has created tons of bestselling opportunity products so there must be something to this thing so that's why it's on this list as well.

10. Social Media – Social media is something that any average joe can use (with a phone) to build their own fanbase and eventually offer products and services to make money online. i recommend to focus on 1 medium and go all out.

11. Email Marketing – The bonus is email marketing which is the essence of internet marketing. you build your list, give value to your list, offer them higher value through products & services, and make money online! – my top recommended autoresponder is getresponse…shout out to them…get from my link and get a free trial. – learn from a top email marketer who has generated multimillions online!

I wanted to end the video by saying a few more things.
1. Focus on ONE thing all the way. STICK TO IT and over your lifetime, you want to achieve MASTERY in that ONE THING ALL THE WAY!
2. Be open to NEW ideas coming up in the future as well. This is just a list of my top 10…but there are MILLIONS OF WAYS TO MAKE MILLIONS ONLINE…so BE OPEN MINDED & STRIKE THE IRON WHEN IT'S HOT!
3. I didn't say it in the video…but TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS…it is VERY IMPORTANT TO TRUST YOUR GUT/YOUR SELF/YOUR INSTINCTS when making decisions in your life and in your business…trust yourself more than your phone…trust yourself more than a google search…trust yourself than a review by someone else…trust YOURSELF…be yourself…and do what you want to do all the way!

Best of success to you all who got value from this video and will apply it to get to the next level in your journey!

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Honorable mentions
– done for you services
– will add more in the future.

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