Time Management Tips – How to be More Productive

by BJ on April 28, 2014

Hello, guys and girls!

In this post I want to give you some

Time Management Tips

that have been tested successfully by me.

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You want to be more productive. right? And you want to be more effective as
well? Do you also want to have more time for the important things and
not waste any on unnecessary tasks?

Then all you need to do is ASK YOURSELF one single question every day.

The question is:

What would be THE MOST VALUABLE use of my time right NOW?

When you answer this question again and again every single day when you
work or rest, you will eventually stop doing the things that are a waste of
your time!

Additionally, to focus on the most valuable activities you should
know that there are two types of tasks:

1) Urgent. Urgent are things like a doorbell or a telephone call. You need
to take care of these right away but nothing bad happens if you don't…

2) Vital. Those are things that you can't do without – like eating or
drinking water. It might not be essential to drink water right the moment
that you are thirsty but if you don't, eventually you die…

To modify the above question I advise you to look for the tasks that are
vital and urgent at the same time. Those comprise the most productive way
you can spend your time.

Another technique is to look at your to do list and categorize the tasks you
have as vital/urgent/non-vital/non-urgent and start from those that
satisfy both requirements. This is the way to be productive and focus
on the important things 
in your life and business.

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