Think Outside the Box in Your Marketing

by BJ on July 25, 2013


It's BJ here with some creativity tips. I just want to stress in this video how essential it is for success to think outside the box. Especially, when it comes to marketing, creativity is your key to success.

Create And Be A Leader

I will be honest with you guys – the way to be successful is to be a leader. Think about companies, celebrities, if they are famous and successful they are always different. My point is that you shouldn't do what everyone else is doing, advertise in the same places, and use the same traffic channels. If you saw somebody do something, don't do it! Come up with your unique and new way to do it. Then only you can become a leader in your industry, whatever it is, and be truly successful.

Instead of thinking what others in your industry would do, think what they wouldn't do and do that instead. This is the single way to think outside the box. Don't be narrow minded, don't focus on what you know works already, because everybody knows that.

To be creative, you need to be open minded. Open your mind and then you will see marketing ideas everywhere. What I do for example, is look at my buying habits – when I buy something I just analyze my purchase – how did I make a decision to buy? How did I hear about this product?

Analyzing myself helps me realize that I don't hear about everything on the Internet, sometimes it is in the most unusual ways, and this can give you some marketing ideas for your business, too.

I See Marketing Everywhere

There is nothing wrong with being different – in fact this is the one habit that will ultimately bring you success. Your mind and your creativity are the most powerful tool you have in your marketing. Use it!

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