The Rest Of BJ Min’s Story

by BJ on January 12, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Today I will continue my personal growth story in this business. My goal to finally prove you that anyone, and I mean anyone, can be successful as long as they don't give up.

How Did I Start Making Money Online

When I failed once, and started working at my father's convenience store, I was sure that this is not what I was meant to be. I was certain I was meant for something big, and I wanted to find it.

I decided to give Internet marketing a second shot. I made a website and this time it made a sale. I still remember it – $35 made from Internet marketing. This meant that it was all possible.

Then I started making a couple of hundred, even thousands dollars per year. Every time I put myself higher goals, and had the mindset that I am meant to be successful. I believed.

I made my first $10 000 a month in January 2010. Since then it has been only a trip up the payment scale.

My point is, that if I gave up the first time, if I thought that I have failed, I wouldn't be driving the Mercedes you see in all my videos!

Not to be bragging, but this is result of my perseverance. There isn't any one successful person, who didn't go through struggles and didn't have tough times. I know what you are going through – I thought myself that I am not a good fit for an Internet marketer, and look at me now!

You can be successful, if you don't stop trying. Failures teach you to be better until you become the best version of yourself which achieves success.

Never give up, take action and you CAN do anything!

If you give up on your dreams, you give up yourself.

Do you believe you can make money online?

Then START here.

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To your success,


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