The Chinese Bamboo Tree Life Lesson

by BJ on June 6, 2014

Hey there,

Here's a GREAT life lesson you can learn from Les Brown.

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The Chinese bamboo trees doesn't seem to grow for 5 years…and then suddenly in 6 weeks, it grows 90 feet!

Sometimes you may not see results and want to give up. Even if you don't seem to get results, realize that you are like a bamboo tree. All the steps you take are all stepping stones to lead you to your ultimate dreams.

Also I wanted to know that if you want to achieve success online, then STOP over complicating it.SIMPLIFY IT.

Stop trying to study everything that you don't need to.

You just need to know 3 simple steps. And work on these 3 simple steps.

The 3 steps to succeed online are:

1) Get Traffic – get traffic to your optin page to build your list. In the beginning, focus on ONE traffic strategy that resonates with you. There are many but focus and master ONE to get results. Some traffic strategies are youtube, facebook ppc, bing ppc, ppv, solo ads, banner ads, etc.

2) Convert Traffic into Sales – The sale does NOT usually come from the first time your “prospect/visitor” visits your website. On average, it takes about 7 days of contact to convert your “prospects” into “customers. So make sure to followup with your list to build a connection/liking/trust with you and give them value and then pitch (to turn your “prospects/leads” into “customers”). And please my advice, USE YOUR OWN emails to write your OWN autoresponder followup. 99% of amateur marketers copy & paste so do your OWN emails with YOUR own style and that will work better.

3) Upsell Your Frontend to Buy Your Backend – The big money is in the backend. But I think a better way to think of the backend is to think how best you can make a positive impact with your customers/your best customers/clients. Instead of focusing on the money (which is in the backend), focus on your mission/vision/dream. Whatever that is, make the commitment to guide your “clients/customers” to be guided in the right direction of your vision/dream/mission that can best serve them. You can do that by providing more products/services that truly make a positive impact in their lives. As you do that, you will gain raving followers for life.

Like Les Brown said, be persistent.

Always go for your dreams.

…And be yourself and use your best strengths/talents/gifts in the direction of your own vision/dream/mission in life.

When you are your best self (especially when you know your OWN dreams using your BEST true talents/strengths/gifts that you have), then no one can stop you from doing what you truly want to do on a consistent and persistent basis to ULTIMATELY live your dreams.

You can achieve and live your dreams.

…This year, I want to inspire people like you to step up and live your dreams. Not someone else's dreams but YOUR dreams.

…That's my mission. To inspire you to discover and live your true dreams using your true strengths/gifts/talents that you have in the direction of your own mission/dreams in life.

I truly believe EVERYONE including you already have this itching feeling deep inside of you…you know you want something bad…you know what you really want to do in life…whatever that is…that idea/thought/feeling keeps coming back to you over and over again is a clue to your dream.

And you CAN achieve it.

I'm going to achieve my dreams this year in 2014.

And I'm going to update you on the progress and I'm going to also teach you how you can achieve your dreams too.

…We all want something bad when we're in this industry. We are more ambitious than the average Joe but sometimes we can get caught up in the noise around us.

We can get caught up in this program left and right, this event left and right, this guru left and right.

…And we forget to listen to our OWN dreams.

That's what I want to change.

I want to help you realize that you CAN achieve your dreams.

That another person's dream is NOT your way.

Your way is YOUR Dreams…that comes from YOUR heart.

So starting today, listen to your heart. Follow your heart. And take steps each and every day in that direction.

That's what I am committed to do starting this year!

I'll talk to you soon again,


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