Take Ownership of Your Life – Don’t Depend on Your Sponsor

by BJ on August 21, 2013

Hello, everyone!

It's BJ here with the daily success tip. This one is especially for affiliate marketers and those of them who are struggling and blaming others for it.

Don't Depend On Your Sponsor

After all, your sponsor is just … your sponsor. He or she is not your secret to success, you are your secret to success. Otherwise it won't be your success, it will be mine or theirs. So my message to you today is to take ownership of your life and not be dependent on anybody for your success. You and only you will achieve it and you have to be proud of it, not thanks to somebody else, but thanks to yourself!

Stop Complaining and Take Action

I am tired of hearing people in this business complaining about their sponsor not doing this or that, not giving them enough information or not answering e-mails, but, guys, success is in your hands. Your sponsor is there to guide you, to set an example for you, BUT if you don't take action there is only so much your sponsor can do.

Your sponsor is not the one who needs to do something for you to succeed, you are the one! They are not hindering you from taking action on your own. Don't make up stories and excuses for not being successful. Take ownership of your life and don't give the responsibility for your life to others. It is your life, you make the best or the worst of it.

You are the reason for your success. You have that greatness within you, don't let the credits for your success go to your sponsor or anyone else! Live your life to the fullest and take action today.

Bottom line, everything depends on you. You can have the best sponsor, the worst sponsor or no sponsor at all but if you believe in your success and you take action daily you will get what you want. If you want to take ownership of your life starting TODAY join my team and get mentored directly by me.

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