Take Massive Action – It’s Better To Do Something Than Nothing

by BJ on November 21, 2013


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This post is for the perfectionists, for the ones who like to wait, test and make sure everything is perfect.

Take it from a successful online marketer – nothing is ever perfect! So the only thing you can do is

Take Massive Action


It's Better To Do Something Than Nothing

Basically it goes like that – if you don't do anything, you can be 100% sure that nothing will happen. So no result.

If you do something, even if it is not perfect, you have the chance that you will achieve some results. Maybe you won't, but at least you have a chance.

It doesn't matter if your content is perfect – when you write an e-mail, just send it; when you make a video – just hit the record button and go.

There is a power in taking immediate action. Most people never do. They only think, analyze, plan but never get to the doing. In reality, nothing gets done until it gets done, and no matter how perfect your book is in your head, you have to actually sit and write it.

You might say that you don't know what to do. But this is not true. Be honest with yourself – you know exactly what you need to do to get results in business and in life. Maybe you don't have the exact blueprint of your step-by-step actions to your goals, but you know where you need to start.

Do you want to be a blogger? Well make a blog.

Do you want to lose weight? Start cutting on sugar.

Start somewhere. It is better than not starting at all.

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